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yoke  (yk)
a. A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together.
b. pl. yoke or yokes A pair of draft animals, such as oxen, joined by a yoke.
c. A bar used with a double harness to connect the collar of each horse to the pole of a wagon or coach.
2. A frame designed to be carried across a persons shoulders with equal loads suspended from each end.
3. Nautical A crossbar on a ships rudder to which the steering cables are connected.
4. A clamp or vise that holds a machine part in place or controls its movement or that holds two such parts together.
5. A piece of a garment that is closely fitted, either around the neck and shoulders or at the hips, and from which an unfitted or gathered part of the garment is hung.
6. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie.
7. Electronics A series of two or more magnetic recording heads fastened securely together for playing or recording on more than one track simultaneously.
a. Any of various emblems of subjugation, such as a structure made of two upright spears with a third laid across them, under which conquered enemies of ancient Rome were forced to march in subjection.
b. The condition of being subjugated by or as if by a conqueror; subjugation or bondage: 14th-century Russia under the Tartar yoke; the yoke of drug addiction.
v. yoked, yok·ing, yokes
1. To fit or join with a yoke.
a. To harness a draft animal to.
b. To harness (a draft animal) to a vehicle or an implement.
3. To join securely as if with a yoke; bind: partners who were yoked together for life.
4. To force into heavy labor, bondage, or subjugation.
To become joined securely.

[Middle English, from Old English geoc; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]

yoke  /yok/  n. 1 a piece of wood fit around the necks of cattle to pull wagons and farm equipment (plows, etc.) 2 fig. a sign of slavery: to live under the yoke of slavery
v. yoked, yoking, yokes 1 [T] to fit with a yoke: the farmer yoked oxen to a plow. 2 fig. [I;T] to be joined very closely with s.o. or s.t.: Im so busy at work that I feel yoked to my desk. yoke

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