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wel·come  (wlkm)
1. Received with pleasure and hospitality into ones company or home: a welcome guest.
2. Giving pleasure or satisfaction; agreeable or gratifying: a welcome respite from hard work.
3. Cordially or willingly permitted or invited: You are welcome to join us.
4. Used in the expression youre welcome to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
1. A cordial greeting or hospitable reception given to an arriving person.
2. A reception upon arrival: gave the stranger an unfriendly welcome.
3. The state of being welcome: Dont overstay your welcome.
tr.v. wel·comed, wel·com·ing, wel·comes
1. To greet, receive, or entertain (another or others) cordially or hospitably.
2. To receive or accept gladly: would welcome a little privacy.
Used to greet cordially a visitor or recent arrival.
wear out (ones) welcome
To visit so often or stay so long as to become a nuisance.

[Middle English, alteration (influenced by wel, well) of Old English wilcuma, welcome guest, welcome; see gw- in Indo-European roots.]

welcome·ly adv.
welcome·ness n.
welcom·er n.

welcome  /wlkm/  v. [T] -comed, -coming, -comes 1 to greet in a friendly way when s.o. arrives: The woman giving the party welcomed her friends at the door. 2 to accept happily or gratefully: He welcomed the idea of taking a vacation.
n. 1 a friendly greeting: My friend shouted a welcome to me as I approached his house. 2 to wear out ones welcome: to be no longer wanted or tolerated: Our guest stayed too long and wore out his welcome.
adj. 1 gladly accepted, liked: This book is a welcome addition to the library. 2 a polite response to thank you: Thank you for the loan. Youre welcome. welcome

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