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weigh 1  (w)
v. weighed, weigh·ing, weighs
1. To determine the weight of by or as if by using a scale or balance.
2. To measure or apportion (a certain quantity) by or as if by weight. Often used with out: weighed out a pound of cheese.
a. To balance in the mind in order to make a choice; ponder or evaluate: weighed the alternatives and decided to stay.
b. To choose carefully or deliberately: weigh ones words.
4. Nautical To raise (anchor).
1. To be of a specific weight.
2. To have consequence or importance: The decision weighed heavily against us. See Synonyms at count1.
a. To cause to bend heavily by or as if by added weight. Used with on or upon: a coating of ice that weighed upon the slender branches.
b. To burden or oppress: was weighed with the onerous task of laying off the staff.
4. Nautical To raise anchor.
Phrasal Verbs:
weigh down
1. To cause to bend down with added weight: vines that were weighed down with grapes.
2. To burden or oppress: The responsibilities of the new job weighed him down.
weigh in
1. Sports To be weighed at a weigh-in.
2. To have ones baggage weighed, as at an airport.
3. Slang To make a forceful statement in a discussion: She weighed in with some pertinent facts.

[Middle English weien, from Old English wegan; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

weigha·ble adj.
weigher n.

weigh 2  (w)
n. Nautical
Way. Used in the phrase under weigh.

[Variant (influenced by weigh, as in weigh anchor) of way.]

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