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weave  (wv)
v. wove (wv), wo·ven (wvn), weav·ing, weaves
a. To make (cloth) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom.
b. To interlace (threads, for example) into cloth.
2. To construct by interlacing or interweaving strips or strands of material: weave a basket.
a. To interweave or combine (elements) into a complex whole: wove the incidents into a story.
b. To contrive (something complex or elaborate) in this way: weave a tale.
4. To introduce (another element) into a complex whole; work in: wove folk tunes into the symphony.
5. To spin (a web, for example).
6. past tense weaved To make (a path or way) by winding in and out or from side to side: weaved our way through the heavy traffic.
a. To engage in weaving; make cloth.
b. To work at a loom.
2. past tense weaved To move in and out or sway from side to side.
The pattern, method of weaving, or construction of a fabric: a twill weave; a loose weave.

[Middle English weven, from Old English wefan; see webh- in Indo-European roots.]

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