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vid·e·o  (vd-)
1. Of or relating to television, especially televised images.
2. Of or relating to videotaped productions or videotape equipment and technology.
3. Computer Science Of or relating to the production of images on video displays.
n. pl. vid·e·os
1. The visual portion of a televised broadcast.
2. Television: a star of stage, screen, and video.
3. A videocassette or videotape, especially one containing a recording of a movie, music performance, or television program.
4. A music video.
5. Computer Science The appearance of text and graphics on a video display.

[From Latin vide, first person sing. present tense of vidre, to see; see vide.]

video  /vdio/  adj. related to television images: The video part of the television broadcast was clear, but the sound was poor.
n. [C;U] television or videotape pictures: We saw the movie on video. video

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