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vel·vet  (vlvt)
1. A soft fabric, such as silk, rayon, or nylon, having a smooth, dense pile and a plain underside.
a. Something suggesting the smooth surface of velvet.
b. Smoothness; softness.
3. The soft, furry covering on the developing antlers of deer.
4. Informal
a. The winnings of a gambler.
b. A profit or gain beyond what is expected or due.
5. New England See milk shake. See Regional Note at milk shake.

[Middle English veluet, probably from Old Proven?al, from Vulgar Latin *villtittus, diminutive of *villtus, from Latin villus, shaggy hair, nap.]

velvet  /vlvt/  n. [C;U] a soft, thick cloth made of cotton, silk, etc.: She wore a jacket made of blue velvet. -adj. velvety. velvet

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