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un·hap·py  (n-hp)
adj. un·hap·pi·er, un·hap·pi·est
1. Not happy or joyful; sad or sorrowful: unhappy over his friends departure.
2. Not satisfied; displeased or discontented: unhappy with her raise.
3. Not attended by or bringing good fortune; unlucky.
4. Not suitable; inappropriate: an unhappy choice of words.

un·happi·ly adv.
un·happi·ness n.

unhappy  /nhpi/  adj. -pier, -piest 1 sad, sorrowful: His lack of friends makes him unhappy and lonely. 2 not satisfied: She is unhappy with her job because of her low salary. -adv. unhappily.

Thesaurus: unhappy 1 blue | depressed. Ants. happy, cheerful. 2 displeased. unhappy

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