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tu·tor  (ttr, ty-)
a. A private instructor.
b. One that gives additional, special, or remedial instruction.
2. A teacher or teaching assistant in some universities and colleges having a rank lower than that of an instructor.
3. A graduate, usually a fellow, responsible for the supervision of an undergraduate at some British universities.
4. Law The legal guardian of a minor and of the minors property.
v. tu·tored, tu·tor·ing, tu·tors
1. To act as a tutor to; instruct or teach privately.
2. To have the guardianship, tutelage, or care of.
1. To function as a tutor.
2. To be instructed by a tutor; study under a tutor.

[Middle English tutour, from Old French, from Latin ttor, from ttus, variant past participle of tur, to guard.]

tutor  /tutr/  n. a teacher who helps students individually with other courses: She is a tutor who helps foreign students improve their English.
v. [I;T] to act as a tutor: She tutors students in English. -n. [U] tutorship. tutor

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