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tu·nic  (tnk, ty-)
a. A loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, extending to the knees and worn by men and women especially in ancient Greece and Rome.
b. A medieval surcoat.
a. A long, plain, close-fitting jacket, usually having a stiff high collar and worn as part of a uniform.
b. A long, plain, sleeved or sleeveless blouse.
c. A short pleated and belted dress worn by women for some sports.
3. Anatomy A coat or layer enveloping an organ or part.
4. Botany A loose membranous outer covering of a bulb or corm, as of the onion, tulip, or crocus.
5. See tunicle.

[Middle English tunik, from Old French tunique, from Latin tunica, of Phoenician origin; akin to Hebrew kuttnet, ktnet, from Central Semitic *kuttn, *kittn; see chiton.]

tunic  /tunk/  n. 1 a loose, sack-like garment tied at the waist: Tunics are fashionable even after thousands of years. 2 a short jacket that is part of a uniform tunic

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