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tow·er  (tour)
1. A building or part of a building that is exceptionally high in proportion to its width and length.
2. A tall, slender structure used for observation, signaling, or pumping.
3. One that conspicuously embodies strength, firmness, or another virtue.
4. Computer Science A computer system whose components are arranged in a vertical stack and housed in a tall, narrow cabinet.
intr.v. tow·ered, tow·er·ing, tow·ers
1. To appear at or rise to a conspicuous height; loom: There he stood, grown suddenly tall, towering above them (J.R.R. Tolkien). See Synonyms at rise.
2. To fly directly upward before swooping or falling. Used of certain birds.
3. To demonstrate great superiority; be preeminent: towers over other poets of the day.

[Middle English tur, tour, towr, from Old English torr and from Old French tur, both from Latin turris, probably from Greek tursis, turris.]

tower  /tar/  n. a tall, cylindrical structure: The castle has towers at each of its four corners.
v. [I] to rise above in height, (syn.) to loom: The tall man towers over his friends. -adj. towering.

Thesaurus: tower n. a column, pillar. tower

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