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sus·pect  (s-spkt)
v. sus·pect·ed, sus·pect·ing, sus·pects
1. To surmise to be true or probable; imagine: I suspect they are very disappointed.
2. To have doubts about; distrust: I suspect his motives.
3. To think (a person) guilty without proof: The police suspect her of murder.
To have suspicion.
n. (sspkt)
One who is suspected, especially of having committed a crime.
adj. (sspkt, s-spkt)
Open to or viewed with suspicion: a suspect policy; suspect motives.

[Middle English suspecten, from Old French suspecter, from Latin suspectre, frequentative of suspicere, to look up at, suspect : su-, sub-, from below; see sub- + specere, to look at; see spek- in Indo-European roots.]

suspect  /sspkt/  v. [T] 1 to have an uncertain belief or expectation about the likelihood of s.t.: I suspect that rain is going to spoil our picnic. 2 to think that s.o. is guilty of s.t.: I suspect him of stealing the money. 3 to have doubts about the truth or value of s.t.: They suspected his testimony because he had lied before.
adj. /sspkt, sspkt/ doubtful, questionable: His story is suspect because it contains many factual errors.
n. /sspkt/ a person suspected of guilt: That man is the prime suspect in a murder. suspect

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