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sup·port  (s-p?rt, -prt)
tr.v. sup·port·ed, sup·port·ing, sup·ports
1. To bear the weight of, especially from below.
2. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.
3. To be capable of bearing; withstand: His flawd heart . . . too weak the conflict to support (Shakespeare).
4. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.
5. To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities.
6. To furnish corroborating evidence for: New facts supported her story.
a. To aid the cause, policy, or interests of: supported her in her election campaign.
b. To argue in favor of; advocate: supported lower taxes.
8. To endure; tolerate: At supper there was such a conflux of company that I could scarcely support the tumult (Samuel Johnson).
9. To act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer).
a. The act of supporting.
b. The state of being supported.
2. One that supports.
3. Maintenance, as of a family, with the necessities of life.

[Middle English supporten, from Old French supporter, from Latin supportre, to carry : sub-, from below; see sub- + portre, to carry; see per-2 in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: support, uphold, back1, advocate, champion
These verbs mean to give aid or encouragement to a person or cause. Support is the most general: the policy of Cromwell, who supported the growing power of France against the declining power of Spain (William E.H. Lecky).
To uphold is to maintain or affirm in the face of a challenge or strong opposition: The Declaration of Right upheld the principle of hereditary monarchy (Edmund Burke).
Back suggests material or moral support intended to contribute to or assure success: The important medical research was backed by the federal government.
Advocate implies verbal support, often in the form of pleading or arguing: Scientists advocate a reduction in saturated fats in the human diet.
To champion is to fight for one that is under attack or is unable to act in its own behalf: championed the government and defended the system of taxation (Samuel Chew).

support  /sprt/  v. [T] 1 to hold up or bear the weight of: a beam that supports a ceiling 2 to provide the money for necessities of life: She supports her family by working two jobs. 3 to contribute to; to encourage and assist by giving money to or working for: We support our local hospital by giving blood regularly. 4 to agree with, advocate, or express loyalty to: He supports our efforts to end hunger in the world.
n. 1 [C] s.t. that holds up or bears the weight of s.t. else: If you take away the supports, the wall will fall down.||(fig.) She is his sole support in life. 2 [U] the act of supporting s.t.: Can we have your support at the next meeting? 3 [U] money to buy the necessities of life: When he lost his job, he was suddenly without support. 4 [U] moral, emotional, or financial assistance: Her family always gave her lots of support. support

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