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sub·scrip·tion  (sb-skrpshn)
a. A purchase made by signed order, as for a periodical for a specified period of time or for a series of performances.
b. An agreement to receive or be given access to electronic texts or services, especially over the Internet.
2. Acceptance, as of articles of faith, demonstrated by the signing of ones name.
a. The raising of money from subscribers.
b. A sum of money so raised.
4. The signing of ones name, as to a document.
5. Something subscribed.

[Middle English subscripcion, from Old French subscription, from Latin subscrpti, subscrptin-, something written underneath, from subscrptus, past participle of subscrbere, to subscribe; see subscribe.]

sub·scriptive adj.
sub·scriptive·ly adv.

subscription  /sbskrpn/  n. 1 an agreement to buy a certain number of magazines or newspapers: My subscription to that computer magazine runs out next month. 2 the signing of ones name on a legal document subscription

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