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stran·gle  (strnggl)
v. stran·gled, stran·gling, stran·gles
a. To kill by squeezing the throat so as to choke or suffocate; throttle.
b. To cut off the oxygen supply of; smother.
2. To suppress, repress, or stifle: strangle a scream.
3. To inhibit the growth or action of; restrict: That artist is strangled who is forced to deal with human beings solely in social terms (James Baldwin).
1. To become strangled.
2. To die from suffocation or strangulation; choke.

[Middle English stranglen, from Old French estrangler, from Latin strangulre, from Greek strangalan, from strangal, halter.]

strangler n.

strangle  /strgl/  v. [T] -gled, -gling, -gles to kill or harm by squeezing the throat, so no air can get through, (syn.) to choke, throttle: The murderer strangled the man by pressing his throat with his hands. -v. [I;T] strangulate /strgylet/; -n. [U] strangulation. strangle

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