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stitch  (stch)
1. A single complete movement of a threaded needle in sewing or surgical suturing.
a. A single loop of yarn around an implement such as a knitting needle.
b. The link, loop, or knot made in this way.
3. A mode of arranging the threads in sewing, knitting, or crocheting: a purl stitch.
4. A sudden sharp pain, especially in the side. See Synonyms at pain.
5. Informal An article of clothing: wore not a stitch.
6. Informal The least part; a bit: didnt do a stitch of work.
7. A ridge between two furrows.
v. stitched, stitch·ing, stitch·es
a. To fasten or join with or as if with stitches.
b. To mend or repair with stitches: stitched up the tear.
2. To decorate or ornament with or as if with stitches: The sky was stitched with stars (Mario Puzo).
3. To fasten together with staples or thread.
To make stitches; sew.
in stitches Informal
Laughing uncontrollably.

[Middle English stiche, from Old English stice, sting; see steig- in Indo-European roots.]

stitcher n.

stitch  /stt/  v. [T] -es 1 to sew together with thread: I stitched a sleeve onto a dress with a sewing machine. 2 to join skin with medical thread in order to close a cut or wound: The doctor stitched the deep cut in my forehead.
n. -es 1 one movement of a needle with thread attached, in and then out of cloth or (in medicine) skin: Her mother taught her to sew with tiny, neat stitches.||He cut his hand with a knife and needed eight stitches. 2 (in knitting) one loop of yarn around a needle: She made a mistake and had to redo a row of stitches in the sweater. 3 a sudden pain in the side of ones body, near the stomach: When I began running for exercise, I always got a stitch in my side in the first kilometer. 4 infrml. a piece of clothing (usu. used in the negative): He was naked, not wearing one stitch, when he went swimming. 5 a tiny amount: She went out with her friends and didnt do a stitch of homework. 6 a stitch in time saves nine: s.t. done now will save more work later: He noticed a leaky pipe and fixed it immediately so it wouldnt cause a flood; a stitch in time saves nine. 7 in stitches: laughing hard: The comedian had his audience in stitches with his jokes. -n. [U] stitching. stitch

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