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sprin·kle  (sprngkl)
v. sprin·kled, sprin·kling, sprin·kles
1. To scatter in drops or particles: sprinkled sugar on the cereal.
2. To scatter drops or particles on.
3. To intersperse with something as if by scattering: sprinkled his speech with quotations.
4. To distribute or intersperse at random.
1. To scatter something in drops or particles.
2. To fall or rain in small or infrequent drops.
1. The act of sprinkling.
2. A light rainfall.
3. A small amount; a sprinkling.
4. sprinkles Small particles of candy sprinkled on ice cream as a topping.

[Middle English sprenklen, perhaps of Middle Dutch or Middle Low German origin.]

sprinkle  /sprkl/  n. 1 a brief, light rainfall 2 drops of liquid or tiny pieces of s.t. falling or scattering: a sprinkle of plant food on a plant
v. -kled, -kling, -kles 1 [I] to rain lightly: Oh, its sprinkling; Ill get my hat. 2 [I;T] to cause to fall in drops or tiny pieces: to sprinkle salt on meat||I sprinkled water on the lawn. -n. sprinkler; sprinkling. sprinkle

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