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snow·ball  (snbôl)
a. A mass of soft, wet snow packed into a ball that can be thrown, as in play.
b. Chiefly Southern U.S. A cup of crushed or shaved ice flavored with colored syrup.
2. Any of several plants having rounded clusters of white flowers, as the guelder rose and certain species of the arrowwood.
v. snow·balled, snow·ball·ing, snow·balls
1. To grow rapidly in significance, importance, or size: problems that snowballed by the hour.
2. To throw snowballs.
1. To cause to grow or increase rapidly.
2. To throw snowballs at.

snowball  /snobl/  n. 1 a ball of snow formed with the hands: Children love to make and throw snowballs. 2 infrml.fig. a snowballs chance in hell: no possibility of success: A new tax increase does not have a snowballs chance in hell of passing into law.
v.fig. [I] to grow in size quickly and uncontrollably: The problem of poverty is snowballing with each new teenage pregnancy. snowball

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