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slight  (slt)
adj. slight·er, slight·est
1. Small in size, degree, or amount: a slight tilt; a slight surplus.
2. Lacking strength, substance, or solidity; frail: a slight foundation; slight evidence.
3. Of small importance or consideration; trifling: slight matters.
4. Small and slender in build or construction; delicate.
tr.v. slight·ed, slight·ing, slights
1. To treat as of small importance; make light of.
2. To treat with discourteous reserve or inattention.
3. To do negligently or thoughtlessly; scant.
1. The act or an instance of slighting.
2. A deliberate discourtesy; a snub: It is easier to recount grievances and slights than it is to set down a broad redress of such grievances and slights (Elizabeth Kenny).

[Middle English, slender, smooth, possibly of Scandinavian origin; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

slightness n.

slight  /slat/  adj. -er, -est 1 small: a slight difference between a lemon and a lime 2 thin and small: My four-year-old is so slight that she looks only two. -n. [U] slightness.
v. [T] n. to not pay much attention to, ignore: Her friends <v.> slighted her by not inviting her to the baseball game. slight

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