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sky  (sk)
n. pl. skies (skz)
1. The expanse of air over any given point on the earth; the upper atmosphere as seen from the earths surface.
2. The appearance of the upper atmosphere, especially with reference to weather. Often used in the plural: Threatening skies portend a storm.
3. The celestial regions; the heavens: stars in the southern sky.
4. The highest level or degree: reaching for the sky.
tr.v. skied (skd), sky·ing, skies (skz)
1. To hit or throw (a ball, for example) high in the air.
2. To hang (a painting, for example) high up on the wall, above the line of vision.

[Middle English, from Old Norse sk, cloud; see (s)keu- in Indo-European roots.]

sky [skaɪ]
n pl skies
1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) (sometimes plural) the apparently dome-shaped expanse extending upwards from the horizon that is characteristically blue or grey during the day, red in the evening, and black at night Related adjs celestial, empyrean
2. (Astronomy) outer space, as seen from the earth
3. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) (often plural) weather, as described by the appearance of the upper air sunny skies
4. the source of divine power; heaven
5. Informal the highest level of attainment the skys the limit
to the skies highly; extravagantly
vb skies, skying, skied
1. (Team Sports / Rowing) Rowing to lift (the blade of an oar) too high before a stroke
2. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Ball Games, other than specified) (tr) Informal to hit (a ball) high in the air
[from Old Norse skȳ; related to Old English scio cloud, Old Saxon skio, Old Norse skjār transparent skin]
skylike  adj

sky  (sk)
The atmosphere, as seen from a given point on the Earths surface. The sky appears to be blue because the wavelengths associated with blue light are scattered more easily than those that are associated with the other colors.

sky  /ska/  n. [C;U] skies 1 the air we see above the earth: The sky is blue today, though it was cloudy yesterday.||He saw a plane fly through the sky. 2 pl. the skies: (same meaning): The skies above our town looked dark before the rain. sky

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