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skate 1  (skt)
1. An ice skate.
2. A roller skate.
3. A skateboard.
4. The act or a period of skating or skateboarding.
intr.v. skat·ed, skat·ing, skates
1. To glide or move along on or as if on skates.
2. To ride or perform stunts on a skateboard.
3. Informal To act in an irresponsible or superficial manner.

[From Dutch schaats, stilt, skate (taken as pl.), from Middle Dutch schaetse, from Old North French escache, stilt, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

skate 2  (skt)
Any of various rays of the genus Raja, having a flattened body and greatly expanded pectoral fins that extend around the head.

[Middle English scate, from Old Norse skata.]

skate 3  (skt)
1. A fellow; a person.
2. A decrepit horse; a nag.

[Perhaps alteration of dialectal skite, contemptible person; see blatherskite.]

skate  /sket/  n. [C] v. [I] skated, skating, skates 1 a boot with wheels or a blade attached, worn to slide along 2 short for ice skate, rollerskate: I <v.> skate in the park each morning. 3 [C;U] a type of fish -n. [U] skating. skate

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