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sigh  (s)
v. sighed, sigh·ing, sighs
a. To exhale audibly in a long deep breath, as in weariness or relief.
b. To emit a similar sound: willows sighing in the wind.
2. To feel longing or grief; yearn: sighing for their lost youth.
1. To express with or as if with an audible exhalation.
2. Archaic To lament.
The act or sound of sighing.

[Middle English sighen, probably back-formation from sighte, past tense of siken, to sigh, from Old English scan.]

sigher n.

sigh  /sa/  v. [I] n. to let out air from the mouth from fatigue or emotion: He <v.> sighed with relief.||She gave a <n.> sigh of disappointment. sigh

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