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Ser·vice  (s?rvs), Robert William 1874-1958.
British-born Canadian writer of poetry and novels about life in the Yukon, including the ballad The Shooting of Dan McGrew (1907).

ser·vice  (s?rvs)
a. Employment in duties or work for another, as for a government: has been in the companys service for 15 years.
b. A government branch or department and its employees: the diplomatic service.
a. The armed forces of a nation: joined the service right after college.
b. A branch of the armed forces of a nation.
3. The performance of work or duties for a superior or as a servant: found the butlers service to be excellent.
a. Work done for others as an occupation or business: has done service for us as a consultant.
b. An act or a variety of work done for others, especially for pay: offers a superior service to that of his competitors; provides full catering services.
5. A department or branch of a hospital staff that provides specified patient care: the anesthesiology service.
6. Installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer: a dealer with full parts and service.
7. A facility providing the public with the use of something, such as water or transportation.
a. Assistance; help: was of great service to him during his illness.
b. An act of assistance or benefit; a favor: My friend did me a service in fixing the door.
a. Active devotion to God, as through good works or prayer.
b. A religious rite.
a. The serving of food or the manner in which it is served.
b. A set of dishes or utensils: a silver tea service.
11. Sports The act, manner, or right of serving in many court games; a serve.
12. Copulation with a female animal. Used of male animals, especially studs.
13. Law The serving of a writ or summons.
14. The material, such as cord, used in binding or wrapping rope.
15. An answering service.
tr.v. ser·viced, ser·vic·ing, ser·vic·es
1. To make fit for use; adjust, repair, or maintain: service a car.
2. To provide services to.
3. To make interest payments on (a debt).
a. To copulate with (a female animal). Used of a male animal, especially studs.
b. Slang To have sex with.
1. Of or relating to the armed forces of a country.
2. Intended for use in supplying or serving: a service elevator; the service entrance.
3. Offering repairs or maintenance: a service guarantee; a road service area.
4. Offering services to the public in response to need or demand: a service industry.
at (someones) service
Ready to help or be of use.
be of service
To be ready to help or be useful.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin servitium, slavery, from servus, slave.]
Usage Note: Aside from specialized senses in finance (service a debt) and animal breeding (service a mare), the verb service is used principally in the sense to repair or maintain: service the washing machine. In the sense to supply goods or services to, serve is the correct choice: One radio network serves three states.

service  /srvs/  v. [T] -iced, -icing, -ices 1 to keep a machine in good working order: The mechanic services our car every three months. 2 to provide goods and services: We service our customers with a smile and a thank you. 3 to make payments on a loan: to service a debt
n. 1 [U] the care of a machine to keep it in good working order: When our oven broke, we called a repairman for service. 2 [U] general attention to customers needs in a business (store, restaurant, etc.): The service at our favorite restaurant is excellent; the waiters are quick and polite. 3 [C;U] a specific service: room service at a hotel 4 [U] government work (when used with the, meaning the armed forces): Our nephew is in the service, the army.||His mother is in public service; she works for the U.S. Department of Education. 5 [U] a service paid for with money: bus service, electric service 6 [C;U] a good deed, favor: You did me a good service by driving me to work. 7 [C] religious worship: Our temple has a service on Friday night. 8 [U] (in law) the delivery of a legal document: a service of a summons 9 [U] loan payments: The debt service on our companys loan is very large each month. 10 [C] (in tennis, volleyball, etc.) the act of putting a ball in play: Its your service. 11 at your service: here to help you: Let me finish my own work, and then I will be at your service. 12 in service or out of service: working or not working: The elevator is out of service today; take the stairs. Tomorrow, it will be back in service. 13 of service: useful, helpful: A dictionary is of service when you are learning a new language.||May I be of service and carry those bags?

Thesaurus: service v. 1 to do maintenance, check s.t. 2 to serve 3 to pay, usu. monthly. service

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