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saur·is·chi·an  (sô-rsk-n)
A dinosaur of the order Saurischia, having a pelvic girdle similar to that of modern reptiles.
Of or relating to the order Saurischia.

[From New Latin Saurischia, order name : Greek sauros, lizard + Greek iskhion, hip joint.]

saurischian [sɔːˈrɪskɪən]
(Earth Sciences / Palaeontology) of, relating to, or belonging to the Saurischia, an order of late Triassic to Cretaceous dinosaurs including the theropods and sauropods
(Earth Sciences / Palaeontology) any dinosaur belonging to the order Saurischia; a lizard-hipped dinosaur
[from New Latin Saurischia, from saurus + ischium]

saurischian  (sô-rsk-n)
Any of various dinosaurs belonging to the group Saurischia, one of the two main divisions of dinosaurs. Saurischians had a pelvis similar to that of modern reptiles, in which the pubis pointed forward. Saurischians include all the carnivorous dinosaurs (theropods) as well as the herbivorous sauropods, and often grew to great size. Birds are descended from one group of saurischians. Compare ornithischian.

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