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ruf·fle 1  (rfl)
1. A strip of frilled or closely pleated fabric used for trimming or decoration.
2. A ruff on a bird.
a. A ruckus or fray.
b. Annoyance; vexation.
4. An irregularity or a slight disturbance of a surface.
v. ruf·fled, ruf·fling, ruf·fles
1. To disturb the smoothness or regularity of; ripple.
2. To pleat or gather (fabric) into a ruffle.
3. To erect (the feathers). Used of birds.
4. To discompose; fluster: a book that is bound to ruffle some people.
5. To flip through (the pages of a book).
6. To shuffle (cards).
1. To become irregular or rough.
2. To flutter.
3. To become flustered.

[From Middle English ruffelen, to roughen.]

ruf·fle 2  (rfl)
A low continuous beating of a drum that is not as loud as a roll. Also called ruff4.
tr.v. ruf·fled, ruf·fling, ruf·fles
To beat a ruffle on (a drum).

[Probably from frequentative of ruff.]

ruf·fle 3  (rfl)
intr.v. ruf·fled, ruf·fling, ruf·fles
To behave arrogantly or roughly; swagger.

[Middle English ruffelen, to quarrel.]

ruffler n.

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