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re·vive  (r-vv)
v. re·vived, re·viv·ing, re·vives
1. To bring back to life or consciousness; resuscitate.
2. To impart new health, vigor, or spirit to.
3. To restore to use, currency, activity, or notice.
4. To restore the validity or effectiveness of.
5. To renew in the mind; recall.
6. To present (an old play, for example) again.
1. To return to life or consciousness.
2. To regain health, vigor, or good spirits.
3. To return to use, currency, or notice.
4. To return to validity, effectiveness, or operative condition.

[Middle English reviven, from Old French revivre, from Latin revvere, to live again : re-, re- + vvere, to live; see gwei- in Indo-European roots.]

re·viva·ble adj.
re·viver n.
Synonyms: revive, restore, resuscitate, revivify
These verbs mean to give renewed well-being, vitality, or strength to: rains that revive lawns; an invalid restored by fresh air; resuscitating old hopes; a celebration that revivified our spirits.

revive  /rvav/  v. -vived, -viving, -vives 1 [I;T] to reawaken, return s.o. to consciousness: A paramedic revived a man who had lost consciousness. 2 [I;T] to give new energy to s.t., (syn.) to revitalize: Government programs rebuilding roads and bridges revived the countrys economy. 3 [T] to begin to use or do s.t. again, make popular again: Her trip to the museum revived her old interest in painting. revive

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