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re·sort  (r-z?rt)
intr.v. re·sort·ed, re·sort·ing, re·sorts
1. To have recourse: The government resorted to censorship of the press.
2. To go customarily or frequently; repair.
1. A place frequented by people for relaxation or recreation: a ski resort.
2. A customary or frequent going or gathering: a popular place of resort.
3. The act of turning to for aid or relief; recourse: raised the money without resort to borrowing.
4. One turned to for aid or relief: I would ask him only as a last resort.

[Middle English resorten, to return, from Old French resortir, to go out again : re-, re- + sortir, to go out.]
Synonyms: resort, apply, go1, refer, turn
These verbs mean to repair to or fall back on someone or something in time of need: resorted to corporal punishment; apply to a bank for a loan; goes to her friends for comfort; referred to his notes to refresh his memory; turns to his parents for support. See Also Synonyms at makeshift.

resort  /rzrt/  n. 1 a hotel with recreation facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.) for rest and relaxation: We went to a resort in Arizona for our vacation. 2 as a last resort: the last choice for a way of doing s.t.: If I cant fly to Chicago, I can drive there as a last resort.
phrasal v. insep. [T] to resort to s.t.: to do or use s.t. extreme, often dishonest: He resorted to lying so his wife wouldnt know he wrecked their car. resort

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