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rep·re·sent  (rpr-znt)
tr.v. rep·re·sent·ed, rep·re·sent·ing, rep·re·sents
a. To stand for; symbolize: The bald eagle represents the United States.
b. To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols: Letters of the alphabet represent sounds.
a. To depict in art; portray.
b. To describe or present in words; set forth.
3. To present clearly to the mind.
4. To draw attention to by way of remonstrance or protest: Our parents represented to us the need for greater caution.
5. To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality.
a. To serve as the official and authorized delegate or agent for.
b. To act as a spokesperson for.
7. To serve as an example of: The museum had several paintings representing the artists early style.
8. To be the equivalent of.
a. To stage (a play, for example); produce.
b. To act the part or role of.

[Middle English representen, from Old French representer, from Latin repraesentre, to show : re-, re- + praesentre, to present; see present2.]

repre·senta·bili·ty n.
repre·senta·ble adj.
repre·senter n.
Synonyms: represent, delineate, depict, limn, picture, portray
These verbs mean to render or present a realistic image or likeness of: a statue representing a king; cave paintings that delineate hunters; a cartoon depicting a sea monster; the personality of a great leader limned in words; a landscape pictured in soft colors; a book portraying life in the Middle Ages.

represent  /rprznt/  v. [T] 1 to show, give a picture or symbol of s.t.: The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom immigrants wanted to find in America. 2 to equal to, mean: The damage from the fire represented a total loss for the store owner. 3 to act in the place of, act on behalf of: The US Embassy represents the United States in other countries. 4 to act like or say that you belong to a group: He represents himself to others as a rich man, but he is not. 5 to be an example of: This plant represents a rare kind of orchid.

Thesaurus: 1 to symbolize, stand for s.t., exemplify 2 to be 3 to speak for 4 to pose as, portray oneself as. represent

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