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re·peat  (r-pt rpt)
v. re·peat·ed, re·peat·ing, re·peats
1. To say again: repeat a question.
2. To utter in duplication of anothers utterance.
3. To recite from memory.
4. To tell to another.
5. To do, experience, or produce again: repeat past successes.
6. To express (oneself) in the same way or words: repeats himself constantly.
1. To do or say something again.
2. To commit the fraudulent offense of voting more than once in a single election.
1. An act of repeating.
2. Something repeated, as an interval in athletic training.
3. A broadcast of a television or radio program that has been previously broadcast; a rerun.
4. Music
a. A passage or section that is repeated.
b. A sign usually consisting of two vertical dots, indicating a passage to be repeated.
Of, relating to, or being something that repeats or is repeated: a repeat offender; a repeat performance of the play.

[Middle English repeten, from Old French repeter, from Latin repetere, to seek again : re-, re- + petere, to seek; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

re·peata·bili·ty n.
re·peata·ble adj.
Synonyms: repeat, iterate, reiterate, restate
These verbs mean to state again: repeated the warning; iterate a demand; reiterated the question; restated the obvious.

repeat  /rpit/  v. 1 [I;T] to say or do s.t. over again: He told me a story and then repeated it later to his wife. 2 [T] to say s.t. one has learned to remember: The child repeated the poem she had memorized.
n. a repetition, s.t. said or done again: That television program on nature is a repeat of a show I watched last month.

Thesaurus: repeat v. 1 to retell s.t., restate, reiterate | echo, parrot infrml. 2 to recite. repeat

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