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re·cruit  (r-krt)
v. re·cruit·ed, re·cruit·ing, re·cruits
1. To engage (persons) for military service.
2. To strengthen or raise (an armed force) by enlistment.
3. To supply with new members or employees.
4. To enroll or seek to enroll: colleges recruiting minority students.
5. To replenish.
6. To renew or restore the health, vitality, or intensity of.
1. To raise a military force.
2. To obtain replacements for or new supplies of something lost, wasted, or needed.
3. To regain lost health or strength; recover.
1. A newly engaged member of a military force, especially one of the lowest rank or grade.
2. A new member of an organization or body.

[French recruter, from obsolete recrute, recruit, variant of recrue, from feminine past participle of recro?tre, to grow again, from Old French recroistre : re-, re- + croistre, to grow (from Latin crscere; see ker-2 in Indo-European roots).]

re·cruiter n.
re·cruitment n.

recruiter  /rkrutr/  n. a person who recruits others: A recruiter for our company visits college campuses to recruit students to work for us when they graduate. -n. recruiting. recruiter

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