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re·cip·ro·cate  (r-spr-kt)
v. re·cip·ro·cat·ed, re·cip·ro·cat·ing, re·cip·ro·cates
1. To give or take mutually; interchange.
2. To show, feel, or give in response or return.
1. To move back and forth alternately.
2. To give and take something mutually.
3. To make a return for something given or done.
4. To be complementary or equivalent.

[Latin reciprocre, reciproct-, to move back and forth, from reciprocus, alternating; see reciprocal.]

re·cipro·cative adj.
re·cipro·cator n.
Synonyms: reciprocate, requite, return
These verbs mean to give, take, or feel reciprocally: doesnt reciprocate favors; consideration requited with disregard; return a compliment.

reciprocate  /rsprket/  v. [I;T] -cated, -cating, -cates to give s.t. equal or similar to s.o. in exchange for what they have given you: She invited me to a party, so I reciprocated and invited her to my party. -n. [U] reciprocation. reciprocate

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