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quar·rel 1  (kw?rl, kwr-)
1. An angry dispute; an altercation.
2. A cause of a dispute or an argument: We have no quarrel with the findings of the committee.
intr.v. quar·reled or quar·relled, quar·rel·ing or quar·rel·ling, quar·rels
1. To engage in a quarrel; dispute angrily. See Synonyms at argue.
2. To disagree; differ: I quarrel with your conclusions.
3. To find fault; complain.

[Middle English querele, from Old French, complaint, from Latin querella, querla, from quer, to complain; see kwes- in Indo-European roots.]

quarrel·er, quarrel·ler n.

quar·rel 2  (kw?rl, kwr-)
1. A bolt for a crossbow.
2. A tool, such as a stonemasons chisel, that has a squared head.
3. A small diamond-shaped or square pane of glass in a latticed window.

[Middle English quarel, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *quadrellus, diminutive of Late Latin quadrus, square, from Latin quadrum; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]

quarrel  /kwrl, kwr/  v. [I] -reled or -relled, -reling or -relling, -rels to argue very angrily: He quarrels with his mother when she tells him he cant go out at night.
n. 1 a very angry argument 2 a feeling that s.o. is wronging you: She has a quarrel with her company; they are not paying her enough. quarrel

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