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prop·er·ty  (prpr-t)
n. pl. prop·er·ties
a. Something owned; a possession.
b. A piece of real estate: has a swimming pool on the property.
c. Something tangible or intangible to which its owner has legal title: properties such as copyrights and trademarks.
d. Possessions considered as a group.
2. The right of ownership; title.
3. An article, except costumes and scenery, that appears on the stage or on screen during a dramatic performance.
a. A characteristic trait or peculiarity, especially one serving to define or describe its possessor.
b. A characteristic attribute possessed by all members of a class. See Synonyms at quality.
5. A special capability or power; a virtue: the chemical properties of a metal.

[Middle English, from Old French propriete, from Latin propriets, ownership (translation of Greek idiots), from proprius, ones own; see per1 in Indo-European roots.]

proper·ty·less adj.

property  /prprti/  n. [C;U] -ties 1 physical objects owned by s.o.: His personal property consists of clothes, a wallet, and a watch. 2 land and buildings, real estate: She owns property in California. 3 a characteristic, trait: Chemicals have certain properties, like cleaners that dissolve grease. property

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