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pre·vail·ing  (pr-vlng)
1. Most frequent or common; predominant.
2. Generally current; widespread.

pre·vailing·ly adv.
pre·vailing·ness n.
Synonyms: prevailing, prevalent, current
These adjectives denote what exists or is encountered generally at a particular time. Prevailing applies to what is most frequent or common at a certain time or in a certain place: took a poll to find the prevailing opinion.
Prevalent suggests widespread existence or occurrence but does not imply predominance: a belief that was prevalent in the Middle Ages.
Current often stresses the present time and is frequently applied to what is subject to frequent change: current psychoanalytic theories.

prevailing  /prvel/  adj. 1 usual, frequent: The prevailing wind is from the west in this area. 2 dominant, generally exclusive: The prevailing opinion now is that the president is doing a good job. prevailing

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