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pre·tend  (pr-tnd)
v. pre·tend·ed, pre·tend·ing, pre·tends
1. To give a false appearance of; feign: You had to pretend conformity while privately pursuing high and dangerous nonconformism (Anthony Burgess).
2. To claim or allege insincerely or falsely; profess: doesnt pretend to be an expert.
3. To represent fictitiously in play; make believe: pretended they were on a cruise.
4. To take upon oneself; venture: I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong.
1. To feign an action or character, as in play.
2. To put forward a claim.
3. To make pretensions: pretends to gourmet tastes.
adj. Informal
Imitation; make-believe: pretend money; pretend pearls.

[Middle English pretenden, from Old French pretendre, from Latin praetendere : prae-, pre- + tendere, to extend; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

pretend  /prtnd/  v. [I;T] 1 to make believe: He pretended that he did not hear the insult. 2 to act in a way that gives a false appearance, to fake: They pretend to be wealthy when they are not.

Thesaurus: pretend 1 to act like, claim 2 to make believe | feign, affect. pretend

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