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pref·ace  (prfs)
a. A preliminary statement or essay introducing a book that explains its scope, intention, or background and is usually written by the author.
b. An introductory section, as of a speech.
2. Something introductory; a preliminary: An informal brunch served as a preface to the three-day conference.
3. often Preface The words introducing the central part of the Eucharist in several Christian churches.
tr.v. pref·aced, pref·ac·ing, pref·ac·es
1. To introduce by or provide with a preliminary statement or essay.
2. To serve as an introduction to.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praefti, praeftin-, from praeftus, past participle of praefr, to say before : prae-, pre- + fr, to speak; see bh-2 in Indo-European roots.]

prefac·er n.

preface  /prfs/  n. an introduction to a book or speech: The preface gave an overview of the books contents. -adj. prefatory /prftri/.
v. [T] -aced, -acing, -aces to introduce, say or write as a preface: The speaker prefaced her remarks with a joke. preface

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