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pre·cious  (prshs)
1. Of high cost or worth; valuable.
2. Highly esteemed; cherished.
3. Dear; beloved.
4. Affectedly dainty or overrefined: precious mannerisms.
5. Informal Thoroughgoing; unmitigated: a precious mess.
One who is dear or beloved; a darling.
Used as an intensive: He had precious little right to complain (James Agee).

[Middle English, from Old French precios, from Latin pretisus, from pretium, price; see per-5 in Indo-European roots.]

precious·ly adv.
precious·ness n.

precious  /prs/  adj. 1 extremely valuable, costly: Precious metals include gold and platinum. 2 fig. beloved, darling: That child is so sweet and precious. 3 artificial, exaggerated in style: He uses fancy words that give his speech a precious quality.
n. loved one, darling: Precious, do you love me? -n. [U] preciousness.

Thesaurus: precious adj. 1 expensive | rare 2 adorable | dear, treasured. precious

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