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por·poise  (pôrps)
n. pl. porpoise or por·pois·es
1. Any of several gregarious toothed whales of the genus Phocaena and related genera, of oceanic waters, characteristically having a blunt snout and a triangular dorsal fin. Also called sea hog.
2. Any of several related aquatic mammals, such as the dolphin.

[Middle English porpeis, from Old French (probably translation of a Germanic compound meaning sea-pig) : porc, pig (from Latin porcus; see porko- in Indo-European roots) + peis, fish (from Latin piscis).]

porpoise  /prps/  n. an air-breathing, sea animal with a rounded head, similar to a dolphin: A school of porpoises swam alongside our boat. porpoise

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