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piece  (ps)
1. A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion: a piece of string.
2. A portion or part that has been separated from a whole: a piece of cake.
3. An object that is one member of a group or class: a piece of furniture.
4. An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition: They are lively and well-plotted pieces, both in prose (Tucker Brooke).
5. An instance; a specimen: a piece of sheer folly.
6. A declaration of ones opinions or findings: speak ones piece.
7. A coin: a ten-cent piece.
8. Games
a. One of the counters or figures used in playing various board games.
b. Any one of the chess figures other than a pawn.
9. Slang A firearm, especially a rifle.
10. Informal A given distance: There was farm country down the road on the right a piece (James Agee).
11. Vulgar Slang A sexually attractive person.
tr.v. pieced, piec·ing, piec·es
1. To mend by adding pieces or a piece to.
2. To join or unite the pieces of: He pieced together the vase. She pieced together an account of what had gone on during the stormy meeting.
a piece of (ones) mind
Frank and severe criticism; censure.
of a piece
Belonging to the same class or kind.
piece by piece
In stages: took the clock apart piece by piece.
piece of cake
Informal Something very easy to do: Relearning to fly was a piece of cake (Burton Bernstein).
piece of the action Slang
A share of an activity or of profits: a piece of the action in a Florida land deal (Shana Alexander).
piece of work
A remarkable person, achievement, or product: Hes a very tough piece of work (Ted Koppel).

[Middle English pece, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pettia, probably of Celtic origin.]

piece  /pis/  n. 1 a part of a whole thing that is separate from the rest: A piece of the house roof fell off during the storm.||He dropped the glass and it broke in pieces. 2 a separate amount or portion of s.t. that is the same in substance or form: a piece of wood/rock/ candy/butter||Would you hand me a piece of wood? 3 an example of a general kind of thing: a piece of news/information/furniture/ good luck||This morning I heard a sad piece of news. 4 one of several parts in a related set that are meant to fit or work together as a whole and for a purpose: the pieces of a bicycle/puzzle/clock||She laid out all the pieces of the clock before she put them together. 5 one of the objects moved about on a board to play a game, such as chess: I lost one of the pieces for that game. 6 a unique product of an activity that requires skill, esp. a work of art: a piece of music/poetry/work||That essay was an excellent piece of writing! 7 a firearm, gun: Soldiers are taught to keep their pieces clean. 8 infrml.fig. a piece of cake: something very easy to do: It will be a piece of cake to win this game. 9 to give s.o. a piece of ones mind: to criticize harshly, (syn.) to scold: She was rude to my father, so I gave her a piece of my mind. 10 fig. to go to pieces: to break down and lose control of oneself from grief or sorrow: He went to pieces when she left him. 11 a piece of work n.fig.infrml. [U] a person noted for his or her unusual behavior or attitudes, (syns.) a character, an eccentric: That guy is a piece of work with his red, white, and blue hair, orange jacket, and green pants.
phrasal v. sep. [T] pieced, piecing, pieces; to piece s.t. together: a. to put together, repair, or assemble: She pieced together the broken chair. b. to make sense of s.t. by putting together separate facts: He tried to piece together what happened to all his money.

Thesaurus: piece n.1 a bit, fragment, chunk | slice, serving 2 a section, chunk, lump 3 an item, article 4 a component | member (of a set) 5 a playing piece, mover. piece

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