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per·fect  (p?rfkt)
1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.
2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.
3. Thoroughly skilled or talented in a certain field or area; proficient.
4. Completely suited for a particular purpose or situation: She was the perfect actress for the part.
a. Completely corresponding to a description, standard, or type: a perfect circle; a perfect gentleman.
b. Accurately reproducing an original: a perfect copy of the painting.
6. Complete; thorough; utter: a perfect fool.
7. Pure; undiluted; unmixed: perfect red.
8. Excellent and delightful in all respects: a perfect day.
9. Botany Having both stamens and pistils in the same flower; monoclinous.
10. Grammar Of, relating to, or constituting a verb form expressing action completed prior to a fixed point of reference in time.
11. Music Designating the three basic intervals of the octave, fourth, and fifth.
1. Grammar The perfect tense.
2. A verb or verb form in the perfect tense.
tr.v. (pr-fkt) per·fect·ed, per·fect·ing, per·fects
To bring to perfection or completion.

[Middle English perfit, from Old French parfit, from Latin perfectus, past participle of perficere, to finish : per-, per- + facere, to do; see dh- in Indo-European roots.]

per·fecter n.
perfect·ness n.
Synonyms: perfect, consummate, faultless, flawless, impeccable
These adjectives mean being wholly without flaw: a perfect diamond; a consummate performer; faultless logic; a flawless instrumental technique; speaks impeccable French.
Usage Note: Some people maintain that perfect is an absolute term like chief and prime, and therefore cannot be modified by more, quite, relatively, and other qualifiers of degree. But the qualification of perfect has many reputable precedents (most notably in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution in the phrase in order to form a more perfect Union). By the same token, perfect often means ideal for the purposes, as in There could be no more perfect spot for the picnic, where modification by degree makes perfect sense. See Usage Notes at absolute, equal, unique.

perfect  /prfkt/  adj. 1 the best possible: a perfect score (or) record||If only the world were perfect! 2 complete and faultless, with nothing wrong or missing: This car is in perfect condition. 3 appropriate and satisfactory in every respect: The holiday decorations were perfect. 4 total, complete, thorough: a perfect fool||a perfect stranger
v. [T] /prfkt/ to make perfect, flawless, excellent: She perfected her style of playing the piano by practicing eight hours a day.
n. /prfkt/ (in grammar) a verb tense that shows action completed at a certain time: In the sentence, I had finished my dinner when she phoned, the verb had finished is in the past perfect.

Thesaurus: v. to polish, bring to perfection. perfect

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