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ped·i·gree  (pd-gr)
a. A line of ancestors; a lineage.
b. A list of ancestors; a family tree.
2. A chart of an individuals ancestors used in human genetics to analyze Mendelian inheritance of certain traits, especially of familial diseases.
3. A list of the ancestors of a purebred animal.

[Middle English pedegru, from Anglo-Norman pe de grue : pe, foot (from Latin ps; see pedi-) + de, of (from Latin d; see de-) + grue, crane (from the resemblance of a cranes foot to the lines of succession on a genealogical chart) (from Vulgar Latin *gr, from Latin grs, gru-; see ger-2 in Indo-European roots).]

pedi·greed adj.

pedigree  /pdgri/  n. 1 [C;U] a recorded list of ancestors, esp. for an animal, (syns.) lineage, ancestry: His horse has a long pedigree. 2 [C] the quality of an animals breeding (esp. a dog or horse), the purity of its line of descent: My dog has a very good pedigree.
adj. or pedigreed /pdgrid/ recorded as having a pure line of descent from a single breed: a pedigree poodle pedigree

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