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peal  (pl)
1. A ringing of a set of bells, especially a change or set of changes rung on bells.
2. A set of bells tuned to each other; a chime.
3. A loud burst of noise: peals of laughter.
v. pealed, peal·ing, peals
To sound in a peal; ring.
To sound loudly and sonorously.

[Middle English pele, a bell peal, especially as a summons to church, short for apel, appeal; see appeal.]

peal  /pil/  n. 1 the sound of bells ringing loudly: On Sunday morning, the peal of church bells was heard for miles. 2 a loud series of rolling sounds: Peals of laughter came from the audience.
v. [I] to sound or ring long and loudly: Church bells pealed all morning long. peal

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