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or·di·nar·y  (?rdn-r)
1. Commonly encountered; usual. See Synonyms at common.
a. Of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality; average.
b. Of inferior quality; second-rate.
3. Having immediate rather than delegated jurisdiction, as a judge.
4. Mathematics Designating a differential equation containing no more than one independent variable.
n. pl. or·di·nar·ies
1. The usual or normal condition or course of events: Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.
2. Law
a. A judge or other official with immediate rather than delegated jurisdiction.
b. The judge of a probate court in some states of the United States.
3. often Ordinary Ecclesiastical
a. The part of the Mass that remains unchanged from day to day.
b. A division of the Roman Breviary containing the unchangeable parts of the office other than the Psalms.
c. A cleric, such as the residential bishop of a diocese, with ordinary jurisdiction over a specified territory.
4. Heraldry One of the simplest and commonest charges, such as the bend and the cross.
5. Chiefly British
a. A complete meal provided at a fixed price.
b. A tavern or an inn providing such a meal.

[Middle English ordinarie, from Old French, from Latin rdinrius, from rd, rdin-, order; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

ordi·nari·ness n.

ordinary  /rdnri/  adj. 1 common, regular: She wears an ordinary pair of shoes to go for a walk. 2 of average quality: That singer has an ordinary voice; she wont be very successful.

Thesaurus: ordinary 1 plain | standard. Ants. fancy | unusual. 2 average. Ant. extraordinary. ordinary

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