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nut·ty  (nt)
adj. nut·ti·er, nut·ti·est
1. Containing or producing nuts: nutty trees.
2. Having a flavor like that of nuts: The wild turkey often has a nutty taste when cooked.
3. Slang Crazy; idiotic: a nutty idea.

nutti·ly adv.
nutti·ness n.

nutty  /nti/  adj. -tier, -tiest 1 tasting like or containing nuts: The almonds give the pie a nutty flavor. 2 crazy: What a nutty idea! 3 as nutty as a fruitcake: (used humorously) crazy: Hes a nice guy, but as nutty as a fruitcake. -n. nuttiness.

Thesaurus: nutty 2 absurd, insane | goofy infrml., wacky infrml. nutty

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