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nut  (nt)
a. An indehiscent, hard-shelled, one-loculated, one-seeded fruit, such as an acorn or hazelnut.
b. A seed borne within a fruit having a hard shell, as in the peanut, almond, or walnut.
c. The kernel of any of these.
2. Slang
a. A crazy or eccentric person.
b. An enthusiast; a buff: a movie nut.
3. Informal A difficult endeavor or problem: Painting the closet was a tough nut to crack.
4. Slang The human head.
5. Music
a. A ridge of wood at the top of the fingerboard or neck of a stringed instrument, over which the strings pass.
b. A device at the lower end of the bow for a stringed instrument, used for tightening the hairs.
6. A small block of metal or wood with a central, threaded hole that is designed to fit around and secure a bolt or screw.
7. Slang
a. The cost of launching a business venture.
b. The operating expenses of a theater, theatrical production, or similar enterprise: The [theater] has simply failed to attract enough paying customers per week to meet its nut (Variety).
8. Vulgar Slang A testicle.
intr.v. nut·ted, nut·ting, nuts
To gather or hunt for nuts.

[Middle English nute, from Old English hnutu.]

nutter n.
clockwise from top: T-nut, hex cap, wing, and hex nuts

nut [nʌt]
1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) a dry one-seeded indehiscent fruit that usually possesses a woody wall
2. (not in technical use) any similar fruit, such as the walnut, having a hard shell and an edible kernel
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) the edible kernel of such a fruit
4. Slang
a.  an eccentric person
b.  a person who is mentally disturbed
5. a slang word for head [1]
do ones nut Brit slang to be extremely angry; go into a rage
off ones nut Slang mad, crazy, or foolish
8. a person or thing that presents difficulties (esp in the phrase a tough or hard nut to crack)
9. (Engineering / Mechanical Engineering) a small square or hexagonal block, usu. metal, with a threaded hole through the middle for screwing on the end of a bolt
10. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Mountaineering) Mountaineering a variously shaped small metal block, usually a wedge or hexagonal prism (originally an ordinary engineers nut) with a wire or rope loop attached, for jamming into a crack to provide security Also called chock
11. (Music / Instruments) Also called (US and Canadian) frog Music
a.  the ledge or ridge at the upper end of the fingerboard of a violin, cello, etc., over which the strings pass to the tuning pegs
b.  the end of a violin bow that is held by the player
12. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Printing another word for en
13. (Cookery) a small usually gingery biscuit
14. Brit a small piece of coal
vb nuts, nutting, nutted
1. (intr) to gather nuts
2. (tr) Slang to butt (someone) with the head See also nuts
[Old English hnutu; related to Old Norse hnot, Old High German hnuz (German Nuss)]
nutlike  adj

NUT (in Britain)
abbreviation for
(Social Science / Education) National Union of Teachers

nut  (nt)
A dry, indehiscent simple fruit consisting of one seed surrounded by a hard and thick pericarp (fruit wall). The seed does not adhere to the pericarp but is connected to it by the funiculus. A nut is similar to an achene but larger. Acorns, beechnuts, chestnuts, and hazelnuts are true nuts. Informally, other edible seeds or dry fruits enclosed in a hard or leathery shell are also called nuts, though they are not true nuts. For instance, an almond kernel is actually the seed of a drupe. Its familiar whitish shell is an endocarp found within the greenish fruit of the almond tree. Peanuts are actually individual seeds from a seed pod called a legume.

nut  /nt/  n. 1 a fruit with a hard shell or its seed: a candy made from fruit and nuts 2 infrml. a person who seems very odd or crazy: Stop acting like a nut! 3 infrml. a person with a strong or excessive interest in s.t.: Ive got to get to work on time; my boss is a nut about lateness. 4 a small piece of metal with a hole in the middle used with a bolt 5 infrml. the head: I fell and bumped my nut. 6 a hard or tough nut to crack: a difficult problem or person that one must deal with: We spent many hours searching for a solution to the problem; it was a tough nut to crack. See: kook, USAGE NOTE. nut

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