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nose  (nz)
1. The part of the human face or the forward part of the head of other vertebrates that contains the nostrils and organs of smell and forms the beginning of the respiratory tract.
2. The sense of smell: a dog with a good nose.
3. The ability to detect, sense, or discover as if by smell: has a nose for gossip.
4. The characteristic smell of a wine or liqueur; bouquet.
5. Informal The nose considered as a symbol of prying: Keep your nose out of my business.
6. Something, such as the forward end of an aircraft, rocket, or submarine, that resembles a nose in shape or position.
7. A very short distance or narrow margin: won the race by a nose.
v. nosed, nos·ing, nos·es
1. To find out by or as if by smell: nosed out the thieves hiding place.
2. To touch with the nose; nuzzle.
3. To move, push, or make with or as if with the nose.
4. To advance the forward part of cautiously: nosed the car into the flow of traffic.
1. To smell or sniff.
2. Informal To search or inquire meddlesomely; snoop or pry: nosing around looking for opportunities.
3. To advance with caution: The ship nosed into its berth.
Phrasal Verb:
nose out
To defeat by a narrow margin.
down (ones) nose Informal
With disapproval, contempt, or arrogance: Year-round residents here look down their noses at the summer people.
on the nose
Exactly; precisely: predicted the final score on the nose.
under (someones) nose
In plain view: The keys are right under your nose.

[Middle English, from Old English nosu; see nas- in Indo-European roots.]

nose  /noz/  n. 1 the part of a human or animal face above the mouth that contains two holes (called nostrils) for smelling and breathing: She has a long, straight nose. 2 sense of smell: Dogs have good noses. 3 fig.infrml. excessive interest or interference in the affairs of others: Hed better keep his nose out of my business. 4 fig. special ability, esp. to find s.t. hidden: The detective had a nose for tracking down criminals. 5 the forward part of certain things: the nose of a plane (boat, gun, etc.) 6 on the nose: exactly right: His estimate of the cost of the project was on the nose. 7 to follow ones nose: to move directly ahead: The store is across the street; just follow your nose. 8 infrml. to keep ones nose clean: to stay out of trouble: The prison inmate was warned to keep his nose clean. 9 to lead s.o. around by the nose: to have complete control over s.o.: Although her son is now an adult, shes still leading him around by the nose. 10 to look down ones nose at s.o.: to feel socially superior to s.o.: She looks down her nose at her poorer relatives. 11 infrml. to pay through the nose: to pay too high a price for s.t.: He paid through the nose for his new boat. 12 to pick ones nose: (a rude and offensive act) to clean the inside of ones nose with ones finger: The mother told her son to stop picking his nose. 13 infrml. to put s.o.s nose out of joint: to offend or insult s.o.: Her supervisors criticism of her work put her nose out of joint. 14 infrml. to stick or poke ones nose in s.t.: to interfere in the affairs of others in an inappropriate way: He has a habit of poking his nose in where it doesnt belong. 15 to thumb ones nose at s.o. or s.t.: to show disregard or disrespect for s.o. or s.t.: She thumbs her nose at school regulations. 16 to turn ones nose up at s.t.: to reject with contempt: He turned his nose up at the job offer. 17 under ones nose: very near s.o., easily seen: Your keys are right under your nose!

Thesaurus: nose n. 1 ones beak infrml. 4 a knack, gift, flair for s.t.
v. nosed, nosing, noses 1 [I;T] to move ahead carefully: The boat nosed around the rocks. 2 phrasal v. [I] to nose around or about: to search, gather information: The detective nosed around the neighborhood for witnesses to the crime. nose v. 1 to poke around s.t. 2 to investigate, examine, snoop. nose

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