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next  (nkst)
1. Nearest in space or position; adjacent: the next room.
2. Immediately following, as in time, order, or sequence: next week; the next item on the list.
1. In the time, order, or place nearest or immediately following: reading this book next; our next oldest child.
2. On the first subsequent occasion: when next I write.
The next person or thing: The next will be better.
next to
1. Adjacent to: the car next to hers.
2. Following in order or degree: Next to skiing, she likes hiking.
3. Almost; practically: next to impossible.

[Middle English nexte, from Old English nehsta, nhst, superlative of nah, near.]

next  /nkst/  adj. 1 the one after the present or a previous one: The next time that youre late, youll be in trouble.||Her next book was a great success. 2 closest to where one is: Turn right at the next traffic light. 3 next best: second choice: The best person for the job is Susan; the next best is Paul. 4 next to nothing: very little: She has next to nothing in the bank.
adv. after the present one: I will answer your question next.
prep. next to: beside: He sits next to me.

Thesaurus: next adj. 1 subsequent, following, ensuing 2 nearest. next

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