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mist  (mst)
1. A mass of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near or in contact with the earth.
2. Water vapor condensed on and clouding the appearance of a surface.
3. Fine drops of a liquid, such as water, perfume, or medication, sprayed into the air.
4. A suspension of fine drops of a liquid in a gas.
5. Something that dims or conceals.
6. A haze before the eyes that blurs the vision.
7. Something that produces or gives the impression of dimness or obscurity: the mists of the past.
8. A drink consisting of a liquor served over cracked ice.
v. mist·ed, mist·ing, mists
1. To be or become obscured or blurred by or as if by mist.
2. To rain in a fine shower.
1. To conceal or veil with or as if with mist.
2. To moisturize (plants or dry air, for example) with a fine spray of water.

[Middle English, from Old English; see meigh- in Indo-European roots.]

mist [mɪst]
1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a thin fog resulting from condensation in the air near the earths surface
2. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) Meteorol such an atmospheric condition with a horizontal visibility of 1-2 kilometres
3. a fine spray of any liquid, such as that produced by an aerosol container
4. (Chemistry) Chem a colloidal suspension of a liquid in a gas
5. condensed water vapour on a surface that blurs the surface
6. something that causes haziness or lack of clarity, such as a film of tears
to cover or be covered with or as if with mist
[Old English; related to Middle Dutch, Swedish mist, Greek omikhlē fog]

mist  (mst)
A mass of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near or in contact with the Earth. Mist reduces visibility to not less than 1 km (0.62 mi). Compare fog.

mist  /mst/  n. 1 [U] fog, very fine drops of water forming a cloud near the ground: Mist rises from the fields in the morning. 2 [C] a fine spray: She sprayed a mist of perfume on her arms.
v. [I] to form mist, esp. a very fine rain: It is misting outside now. -adj. misty. mist

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