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mer·chan·dise  (m?rchn-dz, -ds)
n. Abbr. mdse.
Goods bought and sold in business; commercial wares.
v. merchandise (-dz) also mer·chan·dize (-dz) mer·chan·dised also mer·chan·dized, mer·chan·dis·ing also mer·chan·diz·ing, mer·chan·dis·es also mer·chan·diz·es
1. To buy and sell (goods).
2. To promote the sale of, as by advertising or display: merchandised a new product.
To buy and sell goods; trade commercially.

[Middle English merchaundise, from Old French marchandise, trade, from marcheant, marchand, merchant; see merchant.]

merchan·disa·ble adj.
merchan·diser n.

merchandise    or --dize/mrtndaz, das/ n. [U] items, goods made for sale at the retail level: That department store has a large selection of merchandise for sale.
v. [I;T] /mrtndaz/ -dised, -dising, -dises to buy, display, advertise, and sell goods at retail: Department stores merchandise clothes by advertising them in newspapers. -n. [U] merchandising.

Thesaurus: merchandise n. products, stock, wares. v. to market, sell. merchandise

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