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mas·sa·cre  (ms-kr)
1. The act or an instance of killing a large number of humans indiscriminately and cruelly.
2. The slaughter of a large number of animals.
3. Informal A severe defeat, as in a sports event.
tr.v. mas·sa·cred (-krd), mas·sa·cring (-krng, -kr-ng), mas·sa·cres
1. To kill indiscriminately and wantonly; slaughter.
2. Informal To defeat decisively.
3. Informal To botch; bungle: massacred the French language trying to order dinner.

[French, from Old French macecle, macecre, butchery, shambles.]

massa·crer (-kr-r, -krr) n.

massacre  /mskr/  n. [C;U] the brutal killing of many people or animals, (syn.) slaughter: The massacre of the American buffalo almost made them extinct.
v. [T] -cred, -cring, -cres to slaughter, kill brutally: Hunters massacred elephants to get ivory from their tusks. massacre

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