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mark  /mrk/  n. 1 a scrape, stain, or spot: There is a mark on the wall where I hit it with a ball.||fig. Fighting in the war left its mark on him. 2 a grade, such as on an examination or for a course: She got high marks in high school. 3 a symbol, a sign of distinction: Chanel? is a mark of perfume known all over the world.||Young people stand up as older people enter the room as a mark of respect. 4 a target, such as a bulls-eye: He shot an arrow and it hit the mark. 5 a place where racers begin: The starter for the race said to the runners, On your mark, get set, go! 6 a symbol used by an illiterate person as a signature: He made his mark as an X on the contract. 7 to be off the mark or to miss the mark: wrong, inaccurate: The weather reporter missed the mark when she said it would rain today, because its sunny! 8 to give s.o. high marks: to praise, admire s.o. for doing s.t. well: She did excellent work and I give her high marks for it! 9 to make ones mark: to prove oneself as very good at s.t., to accomplish good things: He made his mark as a super salesperson at his company.
v. [T] 1 to stain, leave a mark: The broken plate marked the floor where it broke. 2 to show a specific place: I marked my page in the book with a bookmark. 3 to write down, note: He marked the price on a piece of paper. 4 to grade homework or examinations: The teacher marked the students exams. 5 to celebrate: The USA marks its independence from Britain with Fourth of July celebrations. 6 phrasal v. sep. to mark s.t. down: a. to note down: I marked down her telephone number on a piece of paper.||I marked it down. b. to lower the price of s.t., discount: That store marked down prices on its shoes by 40 percent.||It marked them down. 7 phrasal v. sep. to mark s.t. up: to increase the price of s.t.: In that business, he marks up all his products by 100 percent.

Thesaurus: mark n. 1 a streak, blot | scratch, bruise 2 a (test) score, rating 3 an emblem | badge, stamp | label, brand.
v. 1 to spot, streak | scrape, scratch, bruise 2 to indicate. mark

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